Poster session

During summer term 2016, the students of Anna Finzel’s BA seminar “Metaphor Variation in Englishes around the World” have prepared case studies on the workshop topic. It is our great pleasure to announce that they are going to present these studies during a poster session from 2 till 4 pm on Thursday.

All workshop participants are warmly invited to take a closer look at the posters during these two hours and to engage in dialogue with the students, who are open for questions and prepared to give further explanations.

The posters remain accessible during both workshop days.

The topics of the posters are as follows:

  • Metaphor variation in the descriptions and perceptions of overweight and corpulent women (Nathalie Altamirano, Felix Angelo Camufingo & Nour El-Chaker)
  • PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS – Does environment shape the way we speak? A comparative study of British and Australian English (Helene Benda & Amy Walker)
  • The portrayal of inherent classism, transphopia and homophobia: Metaphor variation in the descriptions of Hijras in Indian English press and online forums (Joy Valentin Benner)
  • Cultural variation in American English and British English sports metaphors (Hannah Lauppe, Tom Liesegang & Kevin Cleschinsky)
  • Animal-related metaphorical expressions in politics in American English and Indian English (Jasmin Rida & Jana Cooper)
  • Metaphors for genitalia: Stereotypes about men and women in three English varieties (Annabell Fender, Sophia Tschumburidse, Katja Gräbert & Florian Dönau)
  • Metaphors of DEATH in Philippines and British English (Alexander Nowak, Franziska Stolpe & Robert Warnecke)